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Competent partner for high quality electronics since 1973

AUTRONIC has a lot of experience. We have been developing and manufacturing DC-DC converters since 1982, and our experience with customer specific subassemblies and devices goes back as far as 1973. Our current product range totals over 500 standard products. Customer specific DC-DC and AC-DC solutions are one of the strengths of AUTRONIC. 

We are the reliable and competent partner at your side from hardware and software development through production to repairs. Your individual wishes become reality in our usual high quality even for small and medium-sized series. Quickly and inexpensively.

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We have been successful on the market for 40 years now as specialists in the power supply field for heavy-duty applications and for contract manufacturing. The great number of trains including Autronic converters have been performing reliably over the years and also the latest generations of trains operating with our converters are highly esteemed world-wide. In addition, numerous customers have confidence in our contract manufacturing services.

We take pride in these achievements.


HPBC20: Small 20W railway converter with ultra wide input and 10ms hold-up-time 

HFC50-W/O: 50W railway DC/DC-converter with ultra wide input and 10ms hold up time according EN 50155 and EN 50121-3-2

HEC150: BRAND NEW 150W-Converter for railway with ultra wide input and 10ms hold up time

ACR350: 350W converter according to EN50155 / EN50121-3-2 for powerful applications



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