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Ultra wide input

Autronic presents the new AER-Family of railway DC/DC-Converter with wide and ultra-wide input voltage. This brand new converters with 3, 10, 20, 50 and 75 Watt output have a wide input range. The small and compact DC/DC-Converters meet the requirements of railway technology.

More information about wide input voltage (4:1):

3 Watt AER03

10 Watt AER10

20 Watt AER20

50 Watt AER50

75 Watt AER75

More information about ultra-wide input voltage (11:1 und 18:1):

20 Watt AER20-W or AER20-DW

50 Watt AER50-W


EN 50155 and EN 50121-3-2

Autronic presents the HFC-Series of railway DC/DC-Converter with ultra-wide input voltage. 10 W to 200 W DC/DC converters with ultra wide input range.

More information:

 10 Watt HPC10

 10 Watt HPBC20W/T (DIN-Rail)

 20 Watt HPBC20W/O

 20 Watt USB20W/G

 50 Watt HFC50W/O

 60 Watt HFBC60 W/Ks

 80 Watt HFBC80W/Ks, Ksl, Ksp

100 Watt HFC100

120 Watt HEC120

150 Watt HFC150

200 Watt HFC200


The brand new converter for wall mounting has an ultra-wide input voltage range between 14,4 and 154VDC with a power of 50 Watt. So one single converter suits for all international on-board power supply voltages for rail vehicles (24V to 110V) including the tolerance range of +/- 40% required according to EN 50155.  This ultra-wide voltage range is an optimum solution for companies offering one product as European solution.

With regard to temperature, shock, vibration and the railway-specific EMC criteria according to EN50121-3-2, as well as radiated emissions, surge, burst and ESD strict compliance with EN50155 is provided without additional components. Further, the converter has an integrated hold up time of 10ms (class S2). Two small gap filler at the bottom of the PCB acould be used for heat transfer to the case.  A high efficiency up to 92% allows the HEC50 to run without any derating within the temperature range of -40...85°C according class TX.

Standard features are inrush current limitation as well as excess voltage and excess temperature protection, in addition, the converter is open-circuit stable and continuously short-circuit proof.

The chosen PCB material was based on the experience of Fire & Smoke tests according to EN45545-2.

The converters can be ordered now; available are versions with 12 or 24VDC out.


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