DC/DC converter, AC/DC converter and customized solutions


Intelligent converters for high standards

AUTRONIC DC-DC converters are just as ideal for industrial applications as they are for control and monitoring systems, portable instruments, data acquisition devices and mobile applications - e.g. in the transport sector. They are also particularly suitable for use in rugged environmental conditions. In fact anywhere where reliability is an absolute must. 

AUTRONIC is the partner for excellent products and technical perfection. 

Our standard converters with a maximum power output of 200 Watt are used all over the world. We adhere to standards and you can choose the right product for your requirements from our range of over 500 products. And we are the right people to talk to about particular requirements up to 500 Watt - we will develop and produce your own special converters. And that does not have to be expensive. This can be seen in the successful AVP family. Lots of standard versions and lots of different shapes are the convincing plus points. Whether for pcb mounting or chassis mounting, or euro-rack size 19", the AVP converters can be used without limitation. And they were specially developed for you. Result: with the AVP family you can be sure you will be benefit from the highest degree of reliability and technical perfection. 

Our strength: extensive selection - a lot of advantages. 

ACR45 and ACR150, the most recent addition to our converter family, are simply unbeatable. The new aluminum PCB-technology allows very small dimensions with a high power density and make it absolutely unique. Choose from a version with up to 60 and 150 Watt dependent to your requirements. The ACRs provides you with standard features like thermal warning signal, trim-, share-, sense- and sync-function. In short: The ACR is a top-quality product without any additional external components.  

The new open-frame converters of the HFBC/HEBC series offer an ultra-wide input (14,4 to 154VDC) with an output power of 60 watt. So one single device suits for all international on-board power supply voltages of rail vehicles (24V, 36V, 72V and 110V) including the +/- 40% tolerance required according to EN 50155. Consequently, this ultra-wide solutions are very interesting for companies with Europe-wide activities, since one converter is sufficient for the qualification of modules.

AUTRONIC products are used in lots of different modes of transport, for example, in cars, ships and trains. Other areas of implementation are multimedia information and display systems (e.g. for buses and trains); communication, data and measuring technology, medical engineering and machine and robot control.