DC/DC Wandler AER20-W für Automotive, Transport & Bahn


AER20-W - Output Power 20 Watt for railway

DC/DC-Converter AER20-W
DC/DC-Converter AER20-W

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DC/DC converters AER20-W and AER20-DW - compact 20 W power supply for harsh applications and the railway with an input range of 18:1!

The brand new bricks of the AER20-W series from AUTRONIC are a series of galvanically isolated DC-DC converters with 20 W power in a sealed housing. The 2"x1" bricks have been specially de-signed as reliable solutions for applications such as railway systems, battery powered equipment, measuring instruments, displays and many other applications with harsh requirements.

Absolutely unique is the input range from 8.5 V up to 160 V in a single device. This allows the nominal input range of 12...110 V including tolerances (-30 % and + 45 %) to be covered with only one device and facilitates the design-in of the power supply.

The high efficiency of up to 90 % simplifies use in thermally critical applications, and the EMC according to EN 50155 is fulfilled with standard externally components. The DC/DC converters are optionally available with a heat sink, thus ensuring even better heat dissipation for higher thermal requirements. The small power supplies are designed for use in the temperature range from -40°C to 85°C (case up to 105°C) and thus meet the requirements of class TX. With natural convection, the converter can be operated up to 67 °C without derating.

The voltage converters have many protective functions integrated, such as protection against over-current, overvoltage and the DC/DC converters are also short-circuit-proof and have a low no-load current consumption. The power supply can be controlled via remote ON/OFF. Further features are a high I/O isolation with 3000 Vac with reinforced isolation.

The AER-20W meets the environmental requirements of shock/vibration according to EN 61373 category 1 class B, dry and wet heat according to EN 60068-2-1, 2, 30 and the EMC standard EN 50121-3-2 for rail vehicles (with external filtering components), as well as the railway standard EN 50155. Fire tests according to EN45545-2 have been performed successfully.

Versions for the nominal railway voltages of 24...110 are available. In addition, the converter can be used for 12 V applications, as the converter can be operated up to 8.5 V permanently. The con-verters have an accurate output voltage regulation of <1 %. For the version with dual output the voltage balance is ± 1.0 %.

The single output versions are available with voltages of 5V, 12V and 15V. Versions with dual output are also available, with output voltages of ±12 V, ±15 V and ±24 V. The output voltages of the single output version can be trimmed with -20 % and +15 %.

The converter can be ordered immediately, sample quantities are available from stock.


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Application Note



min. - max.
Vout1/V Iout1/mA Type Order number
8,5 - 160 5 4000 AER20-W 11751220511
8,5 - 160 12 1670 AER20-W 11751221213
8,5 - 160 15 1330 AER20-W 11751221513
8,5 - 160 ±12 ±833 AER20-DW 11751221227
8,5 - 160 ±15 ±667 AER20-DW 11751221527
8,5 - 160 ±24 ±417 AER20-DW 11751222426