Filter for RIA 12 100-W/Ks  for automotive, transportation and railway


Output Power 100 Watt

DC/DC-Converter RIA12 100-W/Ks
DC/DC-Converter RIA12 100-W/Ks

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The brand new railway RIA 12-Filter of Autronic offers a wide input voltage range between 43 and 154VDC with a power of 100 Watt. The compact dimension, simple mounting, integration and design meet the high RIA 12 surges and transients on the simplest way for transportations and more.

The increased protection according the RIA 12 Wave form A to G (385VDC for 20m/0,2 Ohm up to 8400VDC for 0,1s/100 Ohm) of following components is guaranteed by using the Autronic filter. Beside the protection the RIA 12 100-W/Ks stabilizes the incoming voltage within the range of 50 und 137V and furthermore the EN 50155 regarding to temperature, shock, vibration as well as the EMC to the EN 50121-3-2 is guaranteed. The inrush current is limited to 6A, the active polarity protection up to 160V and the 10ms hold-up time are integrated features.
The very high efficiency of 99 % is searching his equals and 100W output power is available to the whole range of temperature from -40 to +70°C and for 10 minutes up to 85°C without any derating.

The RIA 12 Filter has been tested regarding fire and smoke according to EN 45545-2 (Hazard Level 1 to 3).


Overview key figures Filter RIA 12 100-W/Ks:

  • Isolated
  • Wide input range 43,2...154VDC
  • Wave form A...G
  • Output 43,2....154VDC
  • For chassis or PCB mounting
  • CE marked
  • Over temperature protection 
  • 10ms hold up time
  • Short circuit protection
  • Active Reverse polarity protection (160V)
  • Active Inrush current limitation (6A)
  • Vibration resistant and indifferent to humidity
  • Ambient temperature: -40°C up to +85°C
  • EN50155/EN50121-3-2

Download datasheet



min. - max.
Vout/V Iout/A Type Order number
43,2 - 154 43,2 - 154 0,91 - 1,40 RIA12 100-W/Ks 87720102225