DC/DC Converter HFBC80-W/Ks for automotive, transport & railway


Output 80 Watt

DC/DC-Converter HFBC80-W/Ks
DC/DC-Converter HFBC80-W/Ks
DC/DC-Converter HFBC80-W/Ksl
DC/DC-Converter HFBC80-W/Ksl

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The HFBC80-W/Ks for wall mounting offers an ultra-wide input voltage range from 14.4 V to 154 V with 80 watts of power. A single converter thus covers all international on-board voltages from 24 V to 110 V in one device. This ultra-wide solution is thus suitable for companies operating throughout Europe to perform the qualification of assemblies cost-effectively with one converter. Optimal areas of use for the DC/DC converter are applications such as box PCs, display controls, fans, customer information systems, intercoms and many other applications in harsh environments.

The permanent operating temperature of the device is between -40 °C and 70 °C, for short periods even up to 85 °C and this without any derating. The full encapsulation contributes to the fact that vibrations (up to 5.72 m/s²) or shocks (up to 50 m/s²) are no problem, as well as the use in environments with high humid heat. Extensively proven fire protection, simple installation and high efficiency (up to 91%) facilitate use.

The EMC according to EN50121-3-2, as well as Surge, Burst and ESD are completely complied with without additional components. The converter has an integrated hold up time of 10 ms (class S2), which makes the compact converter (113 x 46 x 35mm) unique.

Inrush current limitation and overvoltage and overtemperature protection are integrated as standard, and the converter is also open-circuit and continuous short-circuit proof. The modules can be connected in parallel and the output voltage is adjustable. In addition to the versions with passive reverse polarity protection, types with active reverse polarity protection are available.



Overview key figures HFBC80-W/Ks, Ksl, Ksp:

  • Isolated
  • Ultra wide input 14,4 up to 154VDC
  • Single output
  • For Chassis Mounting
  • Overtemperature shutdown
  • Short circuit protection
  • Potted version for better vibration resistance
  • Active Inrush current limiting
  • Active Reverse polarity protection
  • Hold up time >10 ms (Class S2)
  • Ambient temperature: -40°C up to +85°C
  • According to Railway Standard EN 50155 and 50121-3-2 (EMC)

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min. - max.
Vout1/V Iout1/A Type Order number
14,4 - 154 12,0 6,67 HFBC80-W/Ks 87711202226