DC/DC Converter ACR120/Ks for automotive, transport & railway


Output 150 Watt

DC/DC-Converter ACR120/Ks
DC/DC-Converter ACR120/Ks
DC/DC-Converter ACR120/Ksl-O
DC/DC-Converter ACR120/Ksl-O

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ACR120/Ks, small and powerful


Autronic presents their brand new DC/DC-converter ACR120/Ks for chassis mounting with a compact design and 150W power. The input range of 14,4 up to 34VDC or 66 up to 154VDC is suitable for 110VDC input according to EN 50155.

With regard to temperature, shock, vibration and the railway-specific EMC criteria according to EN 50121-3-2, conducted and radiated emission acc. to EN 55011, immunity acc. to EN 61000-4-3 and the compliance with EN 50155 is provided without additional components. Further, the converter has an integrated hold-up time of 10 ms (class S2), which makes the compact converter (113 x 46 x 35mm) really unique. The efficiency of 93% allows to use the railway converter with full power without any derating according temperature class TX (-40…85°C). 

An integrated inrush current limitation, reverse polarity protection, protection against over voltage and over current will facilitate the design in of the power supply. The converter is designed for parallel use and in addition, the converter is open-circuit stable and continuously short-circuit proof.  The ACR120 is also compliant to EN45545-2 (R25; R24).

The new converter with an output of 24VDC is available now, other outputs on request.


Overview key figures ACR120/Ks:

  • Isolated
  • Wide input 66 up to 154VDC
  • Single output
  • For Chassis Mounting
  • Overtemperature shutdown
  • Short circuit protection
  • Potted version for better vibration resistance
  • Active Inrush current limiting
  • Hold up time >10 ms (Class S2)
  • Fire and Smoke EN 45445-2, R24
  • Ambient temperature: -40°C up to +85°C
  • According to Railway Standard EN 50155 and 50121-3-2 (EMC)


Download datasheet



min. - max.
Vout1/V Iout1/A Type Order number
14,4 - 34 24,0 4 ACR120/Ksl-O 72312402433
14,4 - 34 24,0 5 ACR120/Ks (with pin cover) 72312402293
66 - 154 24,0 6,25 ACR120/Ks 77312405229
66 - 154 24,0 6,25 ACR120/Ks (Pin cover) 77312405291
66 - 154 24,0 6,25 ACR120/Ksl 77312405286
66 - 154 24,0 4 ACR120/Ksl-O (open frame) 77312405431
Other outputs on request