DC/DC Converter HFC150-W for automotive, transport & railway


Output Power 150 Watt

DC/DC-Converter HFC150-W/G
DC/DC-Converter HFC150-W/G

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DC/DC-Converter HFC150-W/G


The HFC150-W/G DC/DC converters for wall mounting offer an ultra-wide input voltage range from 14.4 V to 154 V with 150 Watt power. A single converter covers all international on-board voltages for railway (24 V, 36 V, 72 V and 110 V) including the tolerance range of +/- 40 % required by EN 50155 in one device. This ultra-wide solution is therefore ideal for companies operating throughout Europe to carry out the qualification of applications cost-efficiently with a single converter.

EN 50155 regarding temperature, shock, vibration, humidity warmer as well as the railway-specific criteria for EMC according to EN50121-3-2 are met without any additional components. The converter has an integrated hold-up-time of 10 ms (class S2, for Vin= 110 V), which makes the DC/DC converter unique. Due to the high efficiency of 89...92 %, depending on the applied voltage, the 150W output power is available over the complete temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C according to class OT4 ST 1 without any derating.

Overvoltage and overtemperature protection facilitate the design-in of the flyback converter. The converters are no-load and short-circuit profed. The standby status is also indicated by an LED on the side. The design for chassis mounting admits an easy heat dissipation, the housing is designed to IP 20. This makes the conformal coating converter ideal for railway technology and power-full applications in harsh environments (e.g. industrial trucks). The insulation strength of 4.7 KV between I/O in the single output version and 3 KV in the bipolar version is particularly noteworthy.

The selection of the PCB material was carefully selected and fire and smoke tested according to EN45545-2 R25 and HL 3. In addition, fire protection tests according to the French standard NF F 16-101 were carried out with the results I1 and F1.

The 700 g lightweight plug-and-play solutions are available as versions with single output (24 V or 48 V) or dual output (bipolar, ±15 V or ±24 V).

Further output voltages are available on request.


The highlights of the DC/DC converter HFC150-W/G

  • Ultra-wide Input range (14.4...154VDC) 
  • Galvanically isolated
  • Single output 24 V or 48 V and dual outputs ±24 V, ±15 V
  • Chassis mounting
  • Switching off in case of overtemperature, overcurrent and overvoltage
  • Short-circuit strength
  • Insensitive to humichty and mechanical stress
  • Temperature range: -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Vibration resistant and indifferent to humidity
  • EN 50155/EN50121-3-2
  • 10 ms Hold-up-time (Vin)


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min. - max.
Vout/V Iout/A Type Order number
14,4 - 154 24 6,25 HFC150-W 87742401259
14,4 - 154 ±15 ±5 HFC150-2BW 87748701253
14,4 - 154 ±24 ±3,1 HFC150-2BW 87749801259
14,4 - 154 48 3,125 HFC150-2W 87744801251
More types on request