Special solutions for railway, automotive and transport


Autronic presents the brand new USB20-W/G DC/DC charger for railway and rough environment.


Whether for travelling by train, working on an excavator, special vehicles or otherwise harsh environments, you can integrate the USB20-W / G DC / DC converter into your application and offer an added value to your customers. You will offer charging easily the smartphone, iPads, tablets or other mobile devices via USB cable (Type A), also iPhones with full power.

One device covers the input voltage range from 14.4 to 154 VDC, both outputs provide 5 VDC / 2.0A and simultaneous 2 devices can be loaded. The charging of all manufacturers devices is possible with an optimal charging current, also for IPhones and IPads. The converter is short-circuit-proofed and operates in the operating temperature range class TX from -40 to + 85 ° C to EN50155 without derating.

Adaptation of the housing or design can be done according to customer requirements. The charger is available from Q01 / 2018


Overview USB20-W/G

  • Input:       14,4...154VDC
  • Outputs:   2 @ 5VDC
  • Power:     2A @ 10W
  • Size:        84 x 79 x 33 mm
  • Galvanic isolation
  • 10ms Hold-Up-Time
  • EMC acc. EN 50155/50121-3-2
  • Fire and Smoke acc. EN 45545-2
  • Shock/Vibration acc. EN 61373

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Samples of customer specific solutions

For communication systems

  • Power up to 190W
  • Quad output
  • Additional connector on front plate
  • For Switches and Repeater 

Ultra wide input for cPCI

100W-converter for cPCI with ultra-
wide input and triple output

Fuel Cell

Custom specific DC/DC-Converter for fuel cell
application and high efficiency (97%)

Constant current for LED

Ultra wide input, RIA12-filter, 3 outputs, one output with constant current for LED

Value-Add with two ACR45

One input supplies two ACR45 with separate outputs

Ultra wide input with RIA12-Filter

Triple output converter with ultra
wide input

Custom specific modification or development

Download the overview of Autronic 


Download the overview of Autronic